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Meeting the Millennium Development Goals

The ONE Campaign reminds us that the MDGs are first and foremost about the role of government, and that “our most powerful tool is our voices. The MDGs cannot be achieved without changing the way our government does business.”

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are a government – to – government partnership of rich and poor countries with eight quantifiable targets set by the leaders of over 180 nations, including the United States, in 2000. This United Nations initiative established a goal of achieving these targets by 2015. The Millennium Development Goals are:

  • 1) Cut in half income poverty and hunger;
  • 2) Achieve universal primary education;
  • 3) Promote gender equality and empower women;
  • 4) Reduce child mortality;
  • 5) Improve maternal health;
  • 6) Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases;
  • 7) Ensure environmental stability (e.q., clean drinking water);
  • 8) Develop a global partnership for development with targets for aid, trade, and debt relief.

Goals 1-7 challenge poor countries to invest in their people, develop creative poverty-reduction strategies, and promote good and transparent governance. Goal 8 challenges industrialized nations like the U.S. to provide resources — through foreign aid, debt cancellation, and fair-trade rules — that can be used in partnership by poor countries seeking to combat poverty.

Each month, Trinity Church supports the goal to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by providing items for the Food Pantry at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Elizabeth each Sunday, as well as sandwiches, salad, and other luncheon items on the third Sunday of each month. The following chart illustrates how Trinity is supporting the MDG goals for individual months:

September Cranford Family Care: Backpacks & School Supplies Achieve universal primary education
October Crop Walk Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger
November Thanksgiving baskets for Cranford Family Care Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger
December ERD projects MDGs 1–7
January Loaves of Love
St. Claire’s Home for Children
Reduce child mortality
February Cameroon Orphans MDGs 1, 2, 4 & 6
March MDG Sunday,
“Giving Well, Water for Life”
Ensure environmental stability & combat diseases
April Animal Project Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
June Clothing Drive for Women Promote gender equality and empower women

The ONE Campaign is a movement of Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life, united as ONE to help make poverty history.

The Episcopal Church established the One Episcopalian Campaign as a grassroots partnership between the Episcopal Church and the ONE Campaign to rally Episcopalians — ONE by ONE — to the cause of ending extreme poverty in our world and achieving the MDGs. The ONE Episcopalian Campaign urges us to support the MDGs by doing one or more of the following:

Advocate: Tell Congress that the U.S. role in fighting poverty is more important than ever

Educate: Talk to your friends , family & Church about the importance of the MDGs and our role in making them a reality

Donate: Give to Development organizations such as Episcopal Relief and Development

Pray: Make the MDGs a part of your regular prayer life, at home and at church

We have become a ONE Congregation—one of only 4 Episcopal Churches in the Diocese of New Jersey who has committed ourselves to the work on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to END HUNGER in our life time. We have added MDGs to our annual budget—OUR MISSION DRIVEN BUDGET—pledging 0.07% of our overall budget.

We have thrown our net wide to offer ourselves in prayer and service to the needy in our local community, and to the needy in countries we may never visit. Each month we will focus on an outreach activity that addresses one of the MDGs. (See chart on left)