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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!

September 18, 2016: The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

The sanctuary candle burns, and the altar flowers are given, for the Glory of God, and in memory of Nancy Robinson and Donna Sabinksy, by the Robinson family.

Celebrant and Homilist: The Rev. Stephanie Shockley

Deacon: Clive Oscar Sang

Organist: Mr. Anthony J. Rafaniello

  • Prelude: Improvisation on Lobe den Herren
  • Choir Anthem: “Jesus calls us o’er the tumult” – David Hurd
  • Postlude: “Rigaudon” – André Campra

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Notes on Today’s Readings

In the liturgy, the spiritual and the material are joined in Holy Communion. This reflects the Christian concern with both matter and spirit. We cannot be faithful to the gospel if we limit our values to either one alone. Today’s gospel reading about the unjust steward makes the point that how we use our material wealth is directly related to our relationship with God. If a “worldly” person like the steward uses money to secure friends, how much more should we, the children of God, use our material wealth to gain favor with God and our fellow human beings.

The first reading from Jeremiah reveals how the message of God rejecting the kingdom of Judah pained him. The prophet laments the state of his people even though he knows that their suffering is a result of their own choice to reject their God and their refusal to repent.

Today we continue the series of readings from the first epistle to Timothy. These letters, written after Paul’s death by his followers, give practical advice to Christian communities about church life. The church is to be an intercessory body of people who, through their prayer for all persons (even the emperor, their enemy), are the means of bringing about God’s salvation.

God’s love is for all of creation and we are called in both liturgical worship and daily living to be God’s instrument in bringing everything and everyone into God’s Kingdom.

The Worship Service

10 AM: Rite Two


Prelude see above
Processional Hymn H # 390
Acclamation BCP 355
Collect for Purity BCP 355
Gloria S # 280
Collect of the Day BCP
The Lesson Jeremiah 8:18—9:1
Psalm 79: 1-9
The Epistle 1 Timothy 2: 1-7
Sequence Hymn H # 605
The Gospel Luke 16: 1-13
Sermon Mother Stephanie+
Nicene Creed BCP 358
Prayers of the People Form III
Confession BCP 360
Absolution BCP 360
The Peace BCP 360


Choir Anthem see above
Offertory Hymn H # 601
Eucharistic Prayer C BCP 369
Sanctus S # 129
The Lord’s Prayer BCP 364
Agnus Dei S # 163
The Invitation BCP 364
Communion Hymns H # 488, W 788
Post Communion Prayer BCP 365
Recessional Hymn H # 368
Postlude see above