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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!

November 20, 2016: The Last Sunday after Pentecost, Christ the King

Canon Phyllis Jones is our guest preacher and NCS Leader at today’s service. Phyllis is a CPA and has been the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) for the Diocese of NJ for the past 6 years. She has had 6 years experience successfully implementing NCS with over 20 churches. While the degree of success have varied from church to church there hasn’t been any church who didn’t continue to come back to it, most of them for multiple years. Trinity cannot thank Canon Jones enough for being such a valuable leader through our NCS experience. One reason for her broad smile is that she is still celebrating the birth of her first grandchild Benjamin earlier this month.

Trinity Choir Anthem: “King of Glory, King of Peace”

Text by George Herbert; music by Eric Thiman

King of glory, King of peace,
I will love thee;
and, that love may never cease,
I will move thee.
Thou hast granted my request,
thou hast heard me;
thou didst note my working breast,
thou hast spared me.

Wherefore with my utmost art
I will sing thee,
and the cream of all my heart
I will bring thee. Though my sins against me cried,
thou didst clear me,
and alone, when they replied,
thou didst hear me.

Seven whole days, not one in seven,
I will praise thee;
in my heart, though not in heaven,
I can raise thee.
Small it is, in this poor sort
to enrol thee:
e’en eternity’s too short
to extol thee.

Choir Communion Anthem

“Sing to the Lord of Harvest” – Text by John S.B. Monsell; music by Healey Willan
Sing to the Lord of harvest,
Sing songs of love and praise;
With joyful hearts and voices
Your alleluias raise:
By Him the rolling seasons
In fruitful order move;
Sing to the Lord of harvest
A song of happy love.

By Him the clouds drop fatness,
The deserts bloom and spring;
The hills leap up in gladness,
The valleys laugh and sing:
He filleth with His fullness
All things with large increase;
He crowns the year with goodness,
With plenty, and with peace.

Heap on His sacred altar
The gifts His goodness gave,
The golden sheaves of harvest,
The souls He died to save:
Your hearts lay down before Him,
When at His feet ye fall,
And with your lives adore Him
Who gave His life for all.

Celebrant: The Rev. Stephanie Shockley
Homilist: Canon Phyllis Jones
Deacon: Clive Oscar Sang
Verger: Anthony Francis Vitale
Organist: Anthony J. Rafaniello

  • Prelude: “Make a Joyful Noise” – Kevin McChesney
  • Choir Anthem: “King of Glory, King of Peace” – Text by George Herbert; music by Eric Thiman
  • Choir Communion Anthem: “Sing to the Lord of Harvest” – Text by John S.B. Monsell; music by Healey Willan
  • Postlude: Marche triompahale, Op. 65 – Sigfrid Karg-Elert

Audio Files

The Worship Service

10 AM: Rite Two


Prelude see above
Processional Hymn H # 494
Acclamation BCP 355
Collect for Purity BCP 355
Gloria S # 280
Collect of the Day BCP 236
The Lesson Jeremiah 23: 1-6
Psalm Canticle 16
The Epistle Colossians 1: 11-20
Sequence Hymn H # 477
The Gospel Luke 23: 33-43
Sermon Phyllis Jones
Nicene Creed BCP 358
Prayers of the People Form III
Confession BCP 360
Absolution BCP 360
The Peace BCP 360


Choir Anthem see above
Offertory Hymn H # 450
Eucharistic Prayer C BCP 369
Sanctus S # 129
The Lord’s Prayer BCP 364
Agnus Dei S # 163
The Invitation BCP 364
Communion Hymns H # 335, H 424
Post Communion Prayer BCP 365
Recessional Hymn H # 397
Postlude see above