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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!

April 2, 2017: The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Notes from the Bulletin

Canon Clive’s Farewell Celebration is today. We have benefitted significantly from the depth, sincerity, and compassion of Clive’s ministry among us. The celebration of his ministry takes place immediately after this service. The leadership of the Parish is eager to continue the ministry of the Diaconate here at Trinity and we hope to be served by another Deacon soon.

At the 233rd Diocesan Convention Deacon Clive was recognized as a Canon in the Diocese following his appointment as Canon Missioner for Black Ministries. Clive will be installed as a Canon at Trinity Cathedral on Saturday, May, 20 at 4 PM. We are all encouraged to be there in support of Clive as he receives this honor. As part of our thanksgiving for Clive’s ministry among us, we are encouraged to contribute to the purse being collected for him. Sarah Gregory, Al Lehmkuhl and Linda Kurdilla will be collecting contributions.

Notes on the Readings

Welcome to our parish on the Sunday of Lazarus. The story of the raising of Lazarus is the final one of the Lenten gospels that opens the minds of the baptismal candidates to the meaning of baptism (and it reminds us of the resurrection life we have already received by water and the Holy Spirit). We hear in this story the growing awareness of the disciples of Jesus as the Christ and as the source of resurrection and life.

The Old Testament reading looks forward to resurrection as the final conclusion of God’s plan of salvation. In the prophet’s vision of the valley of dry bones, note that it is God’s Word who raises them up, and God’s Spirit who gives them flesh and life. So it is with us who are baptized. Christ, the Word of God, and God’s Spirit have given us a share in the resurrection life of God’s Kingdom.

The second reading contrasts those who live in the flesh, that is, the unredeemed world, with those who live in the Spirit of Christ. All baptized persons live in that Spirit and, says Paul, God gives life to our mortal bodies through the Spirit.

The resurrection of Christ becomes our resurrection as we engage in the Eucharistic feast and meet the one who is the Resurrection and the Life.

The Rev. Andrew David Kruger

Deacon and Homilist: Canon Clive Oscar Sang

Seminarian: Allison Burns-LaGreca

Verger: Anthony Francis Vitale

Organist: Anthony J. Rafaniello

  • Prelude: none during Lent
  • Choir Anthem: “When Jesus Wept” – William Billings
  • Postlude: none during Lent

Audio Files

The Worship Service

10 AM: Rite Two


Prelude see above
Great Litany S # 67
Acclamation BCP 355
Kyrie S # 86
Collect of the Day BCP 218
The Lesson Exodus 17: 1-7
Psalm Psalm 95
The Epistle Romans 5: 1-11
Sequence Hymn H # 167
The Gospel John 4 5-42
Sermon Father Andy
Nicene Creed BCP 358
Prayers of the People
The Peace BCP 360


Choir Anthem see above
Offertory Hymn H # 149
Eucharistic Prayer A BCP 361
Sanctus S # 124
The Lord’s Prayer BCP 364
Agnus Dei S # 161
The Invitation BCP 364
Communion Hymns H 313, 338
Prayer over the People
Recessional Hymn H # 690
Postlude see above