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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!
sunday school

Christian Formation
(“Sunday School”)

2013-14 School Year

Classes: September 15, 2013 to May 11, 2014

The Classes

Pre/K through 5th Grade Class

Youngsters will be using the One Room Sunday School Curriculum. They will learn about Samuel, David, Goliath, Elijah and many more. They will also learn about the Christmas Story, Jesus’ Life, and the Passion Story. In the spring, students will learn about the Sacrament of Holy Communion. For our very young students, we will have aides to help them in their process of learning.

6th & 7th Grade Classes

Students will be learning from the Curriculum called “Encountering Christ in the Episcopal Church.” They will be learning looking at Who Jesus Christ Is, The Holy Bible, The Old Testament (Overview and the Exodus story, Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Ten Commandments), The New Testament (Overview, Jesus’ life, the Parables, Lord’s Prayer), the Advent Story, the Passion of Christ, and Pentecost.

Children’s Service

On the third Sunday of the month children in Pre/K through 12th Grade participate in the service as ushers, readers, singers in the choir, acolytes, and bringing up the gifts. This is an extension of the Sunday School, giving students a first-hand experience in the service, and helping them to learn their faith.

Our Mission

Here at Trinity, we believe that there is one true teacher, the Holy Spirit.

We feel that our purpose in our Christian Education Programs is simply to prepare an environment through which all of us might come to open our hearts to the Spirit and His Teachings. Our Baptismal Covenant is our call to proclaim and celebrate the presence of God.

We are all travelers on lifelong journey of spiritual formation from the youngest to the oldest. Believing that the most important element of Christian Education is learning to know Christ.

So, we study and learn about God through thoughtful study of Scripture, and Christ’s teachings and the teachings of the Episcopal faith. We engage in lively discussion, exploration of ways to interweave Christian thought into daily action, and tackling the challenges along the road in our Spiritual Journey.

That journey begins in the early years!!