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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!

Altar Flowers & Sanctuary Candle

To sign up for both Altar Flowers and Sanctuary Candles: Please fill out all information as you wish to have it appear in the bulletin and on the website, and then either email the office, or leave a note in the box outside the door to ensure proper notation. Donations are $50 for altar flowers and $10 for the sanctuary candle, and may be placed in the collection plate on Sunday or mailed to the office.

Participating in Worship

Solid good worship takes the coordination of many groups to work together to ensure that our Sunday Liturgies, Holy Days, and Special Services are distinctively reverent, beautiful, and importantly, joyous and uplifting—showing our love for God.

Acolytes add dignity to the ceremony and assist at the Altar. The word “Acolyte” means “one who serves” or “a devoted follower.” More specifically, the acolytes assist the celebrant in the performance of the liturgy and help ensure that the service runs smoothly. Open to youngsters Grade 4 and up. The youth of the congregation is vital to the life of the worshipping community, and it is important for them to feel involved in every way possible. Training, fellowship and fun are provided. In our new sanctuary, we would like to have at least four acolytes serving so that a full processional might be achieved. Please give prayerful thought to having your family be a part of this ministry, and speak with Tom Kaercher or Vicki Goralski if interested.

The Altar Guild works behind the scenes in quiet reverence and dignity; parishioners are often unaware of the diligent and loving care of the Guild workers who set the tone for our adoration of God. It cares for the vessels, linens, and adornments used in worship and sets up and for all celebrations of the Eucharist, as well as all funerals, weddings, Holy Week, Christmas, and Easter. The Altar Guild welcomes new members both women and men—and encourages families with children to take on this ministry.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs) administer the Chalice during the distribution of the consecrated Bread and Wine. They are trained, appointed and are licensed by the Bishop of New Jersey, supervised by the Rector and serve a one year term that can be renewed.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs) are a specially trained and licensed ministry of the Sacrament. LEVs take Holy Communion on Sundays to shut-ins and those unable to attend workshop due to illness.

Lectors & Intercessors read the scriptures (Old Testament & Epistles) and lead the Prayers of the People at Sunday and weekday liturgies. This is a licensed ministry by the Bishop of New Jersey and training is provided.

Ushers are the first contact of parishioners and guests, welcoming people as they arrive and assisting them with service bulletins and seating, and directing the flow of communicants to and from the altar. They assist in collecting tithes and offerings, designating oblation bearers to present the Bread and Wine for Holy Communion, and providing an attendance count. These functions are performed as unobtrusively as possible with the dignity appropriate to worship and with an attitude of thanksgiving.

“The Cup of Salvation”

Did you know? The Episcopal Church uses a common cup (chalice) for the wine in the Holy Eucharist. A trained lay person (officially called a Lay Eucharistic Minister or LEM) is licensed to administer the cup containing the consecrated Wine. After the priest offers the consecrated Bread, the LEM offers the chalice to the communicant saying, “The blood of Christ; the Cup of Salvation” or similar words. Some people prefer to dip or “intinct” their piece of bread in the wine instead. It is also important for people to know that one may receive in only one kind, receiving only the bread.

Altar Flowers: Each Sunday, flowers are placed on the high altar area, with the exception of Lent. There are occasions when the church takes on a more festive look such as Christmas and Easter. Flowers are offered “for the Glory of God and in thanksgiving or in memory of a person or event.” Parishioners offer altar flowers as a visible sign of acknowledgement of God’s presence in their lives. Make the check payable to TRINITY CHURCH for $50.00 and make a notation in the memo section “altar flowers”. The altar flower envelope is placed in the Sunday alms plate or mailed to the parish office. However, the attribution must be either emailed to the office, or left in the office mailbox. Please confirm that it has been added to the News page on the website. The color and selection of flowers is based on the appropriateness of the liturgical season. More than one person or family may sign up for the altar flowers during the same week.

Sanctuary Candle: The Sanctuary Candle is visible sign of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament held in reserve in the Tabernacle. It is the tradition of our faith that parishioners make an offering to acknowledge the memory of a loved one in his or her life—especially appropriate during the week or day of an anniversary date of someone’s death. Please be clear in your attribution so the Sunday bulletin will accurately read “The Sanctuary Candle burns in memory of [name] offered by [name].” Make the check payable to TRINITY CHURCH in the amount of $10.00 and note in the memo section “sanctuary candle.” However, the attribution must be either emailed to the office, or left in the office mailbox. Please confirm that it has been added to the News page on the website. More than one person may sign up for the sanctuary candle during the same week so that proper recognition of these life events are addressed.