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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!


The Stewardship Ministry focuses on the corporal function of the Church including finances, budgets, audits, fund raising, investment, insurance, risk management, and legal issues. The Finance Committee plays a key role in this Ministry working closely with the Rector, the Treasurer, and Vestry to formulate long range financial planning and goals to ensure that the parish engages in a mission driven budget, the group makes recommendations to the Vestry regarding financial, insurance and investment operations. Together with the Rector, the committee helps construct the annual budget and meets monthly to monitor adherence and arranges for all financial audits.

Each one of us as Christians are called by God to give generously to the ministry of the Church. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, the each Episcopal Church relies on our parishioners to pledge each year. We do not receive any funds from the Diocese but rather they send us a Fair Share amount with a formula—10% on our operating budget’s first $100,000 and then 3% on each subsequent $50,000. These funds are offered to the Diocese so that they are able to operate effectively. We have not sent that full Fair Share amount for 2 years but rather we tithe (10%) our total operating budget to the Diocese. This was agreed upon at a Vestry meeting and later discussed at an Annual Meeting with several parishioners stating that by sending a tithe we are accepting our own call to tithe.

The Episcopal Church had set tithing as a standard for all communicants. These pledged monies form the basis of our budget allowing Trinity to pay its expenses for our Rector and Staff, our campus and building utilities, maintenance, insurance, and repairs, parish and outreach ministries, and office expenses.

This year’s Stewardship Project started in mid October utilizing the Pony Express format. The goal was 100% pledging. The final results were 95 families pledged and 22 families choosing not to pledge. The total amount pledged by the 95 families is $155,000. This is roughly a 5% increase in pledge participation with a 14% increase in giving. This amount served as the foundation of our revenue for Fiscal Year 2012.

The Stewardship Committee recommends that more education about Stewardship is critical as we grow in number and desire for more ministry activities.

Stewardship Committee informs, directs and promotes all during the year, as well as the annual pledge activities. These brave souls talk about giving of our treasures—so often the most difficult subject to address. These individuals, fostered by prayer and service to God, broach the subject of faithful and consistent pledging, tithing, and planned giving.

FOGS: This motley crew of “gentlemen & ladies” offer their “handy” talents working around the parish and church campus. Everything from carpentry, painting, sanding, checking equipment, hanging pictures, yard work, and more are needed to keep our grounds and buildings in tiptop shape.

Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for and oversees the good stewardship of our buildings, property and grounds. It bears the responsibility for researching and planning of repairs and upkeep of the church property. The group constructs project lists, coordinates bids, as well as coordinates volunteer work projects and/or contracted services. Our property is a rich gift that requires constant attention in order that we may continue our ministries for the Glory of God.

Counters take on the responsibility of counting and recording the weekly tithes and offerings and make weekly bank deposits.