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Listen to Fr Andy’s Sermon from Sunday on YouTube, click here.  


Listen to Fr Andy give a Summary from the Sanctuary; the highlights of the announcements from Sunday. Click here.


Please send your pledge via mail to 205 North Avenue East, Cranford, NJ, 07016.  If you have lost income during the COVID-19 crisis and need to revise your pledge, please call Sarah Gregory (908-347-6498).


Calling all those in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who are willing to help with projects like getting food and groceries to at risk or quarantined folks, should that need arise.  Please email if you are willing to serve in that way.


If you are required to self-quarantine and need help with groceries or other items, please contact Fr Andy.  Trinity would love to help you.


In a crisis call 2-1-1, this number acts as a public information point for coordination with Emergency Management professionals.


Marion Nechuta is no longer coming into the Office but you may contact her directly on her cell (908-451-4498) or via the parish email ( 


Morning Prayer from Tuesday to Friday at 8:30 AM online via Zoom.


Evening Prayer from Tuesday to Friday at 5 PM online via Zoom.


Adult Education exploring the Triduum & Baptism on Thursdays from 7 to 8 PM online via Zoom.


Compline on Thursdays at 8 PM online.  NB: Compline will be on the same Zoom platform as all other services.


Lectionary Readings for this Sunday, ‘The Fifth Sunday in Lent’ are here.


Rite I Service of the Word with Spiritual Communion on Sunday at 8 AM online via Zoom.


Rite II Service of the Word with Spiritual Communion on Sunday at 10 AM online via Zoom.


Online Lectionary Lunch via Zoom at 12 noon every Tuesday to read and discuss the lectionary texts set for the coming Sunday.


Application for high school seniors to apply for the Cranford Clergy Council Scholarship is attached.


During Holy Week Fr Andy will ‘lead us into the desert’ through the spiritual writings of Henri Nouwen from Monday, April 6 to Wednesday, April 8 at 7 PM via zoom.


Bishop Stokes announces church buildings closure for an indefinite period, this directive will not be reconsidered any sooner than May 1, 2020.


New Date for Diocesan Convention is Friday, November 13 at the Crowne Plaza in Cherry Hill. 


Archbishop Justin Welby postpones the Lambeth Conference and address all Anglicans regarding COVID-19.  Click here.

Fr Andy’s Spiritual Reflection:  Sacred Space in your Home

Spiritual Reflection:  An Ambitious Liturgical Music Project 

As part of my sermon this past Sunday I reminded us that the church refers primarily to the gathered people of God and only secondarily to our building.  However, I do recognize that our beautiful building is a truly important sacred space for us, and I long for us to be gathered together in that space again.  While we are not able to gather in our church building it may be very helpful for each of us to craft some sacred space in our homes.


Some of you may have a whole room available for this purpose while others may only be able to create a little ‘pop up’ space.  Ideally it should be a space that does not get a lot of traffic and where some measure is quiet is possible.  My hope is that you could be in this sacred space when calling into our Zoom services and so create a prayerful atmosphere in which we are more receptive to God.


So, here are some guidelines for how to set up your ‘home chapel.’  Firstly, when it comes to sacred space less is more; nothing kills a sense of holy space like clutter.  I suggest a simple table draped with burlap or purple cloth for Lent.  On the table you may consider placing a cross, candles and bible.  In addition one could consider a bowl of water, a Prayer Book and religious art or icons.  Save flowers for Easter, but perhaps some wilderness symbols like cactus or rock would be appropriate.


Be creative and allow children to participate by drawing pictures or making a cross from tree branches.  I’d love to see your sacred spaces.  Please snap a picture of your ‘home chapel’ and send it to me.  I plan to share the images with the parish on our next Zoom online service.

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Trinity Church 150th Anniversary

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Trinity is part of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion - an apostolic church, continuing in the teachings and fellowship of the Apostles. We are united and inspired by faith in Jesus Christ, and are joined in the community of over 70 million Anglicans and Episcopalians throughout the world.  We are also part of the Union County Episcopal Alliance.


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