News and Notes; Thursday, February 18th

Today and the Rest of this Week


Read Fr. Andy’s sermon from Transfiguration Sunday and Ash Wednesday.


Write a reflection on your experience of the Eucharist: Go to the Fellowship tab on Trinity’s Website, click on Trinity Community Forum, enter password 1872, click on Year of Eucharist Reflections, click on Please share your…, click on Write a comment.  When finished, hit Publish.


View Peter Waldron’s moving reflection on the Eucharist by clicking here: the password is 1872.


Pledge Statements have been delivered or are in the mail to you.  Contact Sarah Gregory ( if you have any questions.


Add and update your prayer requests to the online intercessory prayer list here.  The list is prayed twice a day at Morning and Evening Prayer.


Morning Prayer is offered from Monday to Friday at 8:30 AM online.


Evening Prayer is offered from Monday to Friday at 5 PM online.


Compline is offered every Thursday online at 8 PM.  Have the BCP 1979 open on page 127.


Sandwich Sunday is on February 21 this month, sign up here to provide necessary items.  Please deliver to 310 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park by the Saturday before Sandwich Sunday (Saturday, February 20).


Winter clothing is being collected for delivery to St John’s.  Please deliver to 310 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park by the Saturday before Sandwich Sunday (Saturday, February 20).


Contribute to St. John’s Pantry, click here to view the suggested list of items.  Please deliver to 310 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park by the Saturday before Sandwich Sunday (Saturday, February 20).


The Parish Office is physically closed but Marion Nechuta does come in on Thursday afternoons.  Contact her via parish email or her personal cell (908-451-4498).



Lectionary Readings for this Sunday, February 21: The First Sunday in Lent are here.


Access the Liturgy Bulletins for the 8 AM Eucharist and the 10 AM Service of the Word with Spiritual Communion this Sunday on our website; 


Sign up for the 8 AM Eucharist this Sunday, February 21 here.  NB: Please complete a form for every individual attending so that we don’t exceed our current maximum capacity of 26 people. 


The Family Service at 10 AM this Sunday includes a children’s talk; there will be no breakout rooms for Sunday school.


Remember to have your Holy Water and a bowl ready for the 10 AM online Sunday services in Lent.


Please mail Pledges to 205 North Avenue East, Cranford, NJ 07016.  To adjust your pledge, please call Sarah Gregory (908-347-6498).  Thank you for your continued support!


Next Week and Beyond


The Greening Committee will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, February 23, at 7 PM online.  This committee will prayerfully consider how we can honor our duty of being faithful stewards of our planet.


Emergency Food Supplies Needed for St. Joseph’s Social Service Center.  Drop non-perishables (click here for a list of appropriate items) on Sydney O’Hagan’s front porch (205 High Street, Cranford) every Wednesday.


Trinity’s Virtual Choir rehearses every Wednesday on Trinity’s Zoom platform from 8-8:45 PM.  Click here for more information. 


Handbell Choir rehearsals every Wednesday from 6:30-7:15 PM in the Church.


The Women’s Bible Study is every Thursday, at 10 AM online.


The Lent Course, Inspiration from the Twelve Steps, begins this Thursday, February 25.  The four sessions will be led by Patrick Milas on Trinity’s online Zoom platform and take place between 7 and 8 PM. 


Support the Seaman’s Institute’s ‘Christmas at Sea’ Project, click here for the details.  Deliver to 310 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park by Saturday, February 27


Knit Hats for the Seamen’s Institute must be delivered to 310 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park by Saturday, February 27.  To request a pattern call Marion Nechuta (908-451-4498).

Fr. Andy's Reflection: Questions for Lent

Lent is the season to augment, or perhaps revive, practicing spiritual disciplines.  Professor of Liturgy, Laurence Stookey asserts that Lenten disciplines should drive deeply into the religious psyche by asking questions such as these: 


  • What progress am I making in sharing gladly what I have with others, particularly with the stranger and the poor?  

  • What attitudes do I convey to those who irritate me?  How can awareness of my own need of God's grace enable me to be more gracious to them?  

  • How has my sense of interconnectedness in corporate worship grown of late, and how can I move ahead in appreciating the contributions and needs of other members in the congregation to which I belong?  

  • Am I as charitable and thoughtful to family members as to others?  Or do I “take it out” on my family when life at school or work gets hectic?  

  • Can I redistribute my long-range personal budget in order to have more money to give away?  

  • When I hear someone being unjustly maligned, do I speak up to correct the record, or am I a silent accomplice?

  • In devotional acts of prayer and reading, am I increasing my attention span and discovering new ways of listening rather than of talking, of giving thanks rather than of complaining?  

  • As I uncover and attempt to deal with one level of prejudice in my life, what other levels do I find lurking underneath, and how can I confront them?  

  • In addition to intercessory prayer, what habits can I develop that allow me to be more responsive to the sick, the distressed, and the bereaved, particularly when their needs emerge suddenly and require immediate attention? 

  • Am I, by consistent attendance at worship, a witness to others of the worthiness of the God I follow?  Or am I, by my sporadic attendance, suggesting that God is worth serving some times, but not others?


May these questions drive us more deeply into spiritual disciplines of Lent.  Amen.

The Rev. Andrew David Kruger, Rector of the Parish

Trinity Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New Jersey

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