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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!

Each one of us through our Baptism have been accepted into the “household of God” and being in this Family Member, have agreed to love, honor, and serve God and each other. Trinity answers the call to serve God’s children—our brothers and sisters in Christ—who are in physical, emotional and spiritual need. IT IS OUR CHRISTIAN DUTY TO GIVE AND SERVE BY GIVING OF OUR TIME AND MONETARY SUPPORT—both of which are God’s gracious gift to us.

ONE Congregation

In 2000, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established by the United Nations to reduce, by the year 2015, the number of people who live in extreme poverty. Developed by the international community including leaders from 191 countries, the eight goals were endorsed by development institutions and religious bodies, and have galvanized unprecedented energy and effort. The Episcopal Church has joined in this effort through Episcopal Relief and Development. The ONE Congregation is the Episcopal church’s way of implementing participation, and Trinity Church is one of four parishes in the Diocese. Read more about our involvement.


Trinity Church is blessed to have its own school, the Trinity Episcopal Day School. Read more here or go directly to their website.

Knit One, Pray One

Trinity’s Prayer Shawl Ministry: dedicated parishioners provide prayer shawls for individuals in need of comfort, prayer and support. Click here for more information.

Trinity’s Annual Soup Sale

The Trinity Soup Sale is generally on Super Bowl Sunday (or a Sunday close to it), thus Souper Bowl Sunday! Delicious homemade soups in small and large containers are available. Profits go to the Trinity Scholarship fund.

Service to Others

Welcome to the third section of the Trinity website, devoted to our service to others. Here you will find information about the Outreach Committee and their work. Also, Trinity is a member of the ONE Campaign associated with the United Nations. In addition, Trinity Cares is a group of parishioners involved with the American Cancer Society.


God calls Trinity Church
to be a living witness to
Christ’s Grace
by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We will
pray and worship,
teach and learn our Faith,
encourage generosity,
engage all to
share their God-given gifts,
love and serve others,
and proclaim God’s
unconditional love for everyone.