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"I and the Father are one.”

Trinity Episcopal Church was incorporated in 1872 to worship “according to the customs and usages of the Protestant Episcopal Church.” There were fourteen original members in the mission church who worshipped in private homes with supply priests. A wooden church on the present site was completed in 1875 on land donated by parishioners and partially financed by small denomination bonds purchased by townspeople. The Church building was consecrated in 1881. In 2010 a beautiful, $2 million total renovation replicated the original 1875 “board and batten” church building and included a $200,000 renovation to our pipe organ. This renovation received a historical preservation award from the local Cranford Historical Society. 


Andrew David Kruger



Anthony Vitale


Office Manager

Marion Nechuta


Director of Music and Organist

Anthony J. Rafaniello


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Listen to Bernie Wagonblast’s interview with Fr Andy on Cranford Radio.

Senior Warden
Casey Jonathan Woodruff

Junior Warden
Tom Kaercher



Gerry Caprario

Kate Difonzo

Holly Ives

Dr. Kathleen Annarelli

David L. Burnett

Jim Willix

Dr. Patrick Milas

Denise Alvarez

Peter Waldron


Youth Member

Calvin Woodruff


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