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Welcome to Trinity Episcopal Church, NJ!


Call the Parish Office for your pastoral concerns and needs. Our congregation seeks and offers ways to appropriately serve each other and be part for each other’s lives, sharing with each other our joys and sorrows as families do. Clergy and laity work together to help during the transitions in life such as the arrival of a new baby, sickness, separation, celebration of new job or a positive health report, difficulty of limited resources, the death of a child, parent, spouse or partner, the or any other critical moment you are experiencing.


Holy Baptism
The sacrament of Holy baptism is administered in the context of congregational worship, as prescribed in the Prayer Book at appropriate intervals and after sufficient preparation of all participants. Designated dates include All Saints Sunday (First Sunday in November); Baptism of Our Lord (Second Sunday of January); Easter Vigil or Easter Day; Feast of Pentecost; and on the occasion of the Bishop’s Visitation.

Holy Eucharist
The 1979 Prayer Book affirms that all baptized persons, including young children, may receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. There is no set age for participation in this sacrament, and such participation is a matter of personal decision on the part of each family. However, it is expected that appropriate consultation with clergy will be made. Instructional classes for young children and their parents are offered during the Eastertide Season.


Persons seeking to publicly reaffirm their commitment in faith, need to be prepared through a series of classes, either through Youth Group or Adult classes taught by the Rector. Those seeking to be presented to the Bishop should attend the instructional classes as announced.

Holy Matrimony
The clergy will gladly meet with couples desiring to be married with the Blessing of Almighty God through the Church. For a first marriage for both, the Canon Law of the Episcopal Church requires a minimum of 30 days notice but sufficient notice to allow for at least 3-4 pre-marital counseling sessions provided by the Clergy. For one or both previously married, the procedure requires proof of divorce and the approval of the Bishop.

Ministry to the Sick
The people of Trinity offer care to each other in times of joy and sorrow, crisis, and need. The clergy are available at all times as primary pastoral caregivers. Hospital calls are a priority, but you must notify us because most hospitals do not. Communion to the sick and shut-in is taken on a regular basis and more frequently in crisis. Counseling may be arranged by appointment.

Reconciliation of a Penitent (Confession)
This pastoral ministry is conducted in two ways. The first is a corporate confession; done weekly within the liturgy of the mass for all who desire it. Private confession is available by appointment with the clergy.

Burial of the Dead
It is desirable that, when a death occurs, the clergy be notified before the family begins making funeral arrangements. The clergy will be able to help a family begin with the often difficult decisions, as well as provide the Christian perspective in the midst of personal loss.

Who We Are

We are a lively community of faith, composed of people with diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and spiritual journeys. What joins us together is God’s love for all people everywhere.

We live out that love in worship, learning, service, fellowship, and pastoral care. We welcome you and others who are new to Trinity Church, Cranford. Your journey, questions, and hopes are important to us.

We would be honored to come to know you better and to find ways for this Church Community to become a spiritual home for you and yours.


The Rev. Andrew David Kruger

Please call the Parish Office:

  • If you or anyone in your family is admitted to the hospital
  • If you desire to have someone placed on the Parish Prayer List
  • To inquire about sacramental preparation for baptism, weddings, Confirmation, and Reception, funerals
  • To request flowers on the altar given in memory of a loved one (two weeks notice is needed and flowers are not placed on the altar during the Lenten season)
  • To make an appointment for counseling or spiritual direction
  • To inform us of a change of address
  • When a new baby is born
  • When you would like to know more about a parish program, class, ministry or organization
  • If you get a new email address