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Altar Guild

Come and work behind the scenes for our great good, and for God’s greater glory

The Altar Guild works behind the scenes in quiet reverence and dignity; parishioners are often unaware of the diligent and loving care of the Guild workers who set the tone for our adoration of God. It cares for the vessels, linens, and adornments used in worship and sets up and for all celebrations of the Eucharist, as well as all funerals, weddings, Holy Week, Christmas, and Easter.  The Altar Guild welcomes new members both women and men and encourages families with children to take on this ministry. You can take on a small role or a larger role….


Smaller tasks that can be done independently include:

•    Replacing the votive candles weekly.

•    Replacing the Sanctuary Candle.

•    Wash linens.

•    Iron linens.

•    Bring larger items to the dry cleaners.

•    Removing Altar Flowers after service.

•    Keep a database of supplies (candles, oil, wafers) and update the office as needed


Contact Heather Burnett 973-495-2535

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