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Communications Committee

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The Trinity Communications Team encompasses four coordinated sets of communications activities; Internal Communications, External Communications, the Trinity website, and Trinity’s social media presence.  Internal Communications are those communications intended primarily for current Trinity parishioners.  The purpose of internal communications is to keep parishioners informed and engaged with parish activities and to reinforce the teachings of the liturgy.  The weekly email blast, the Sunday bulletins, and the monthly Trinity Forum are the current vehicles used for internal communications.


External Communications are those communications intended primarily for non-parishioners.  The primary purpose of external communications is to create a positive awareness of Trinity and our activities and values to the community-at-large.  Secondarily, out of the positive awareness will hopefully come community engagement and draw new people to come to Trinity.


The Trinity Website is intended for both internal and external audiences and has a variety of information geared for both audiences.


Trinity’s Social Media presence is still in its infancy.  We have a Facebook presence and a recently set-up Trinity Instagram presence, but we have yet to utilize them.


The Trinity Communications team could use new members with web development skills to help manage and update the Trinity website.  In addition, we would like someone take on responsibility for the Trinity Instagram presence.  We would greatly appreciate people with experience in Marketing, Communications, and Graphic Design to help us refine Trinity’s brand and communications effectiveness.

Contact Tom Kaercher  908-591-0962

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