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Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Virtual Hymn

Joining our voices together in singing is an important part of our Easter celebration.  Doing so will continue to be impossible in person, but we invite everyone to participate in singing "Jesus Christ is Risen Today" together virtually.  Submit a video of yourself singing along and we'll edit them all together into a beautiful hymn for Easter Sunday. 


We encourage everyone to participate, no matter your singing or musical ability! 

Directions for recording your video are below; please read them carefully! 

All video recordings will need to be submitted by Sunday, March 28 in order to be included.  


Please contact Anthony Rafaniello, Music Director and Organist with any questions at

Directions for Recording

-- Set up in a quiet spot with good lighting so you can be heard and seen.

-- You need to use two devices to record: one so that you can listen to the accompaniment track with headphones, and one so you can record yourself with video as you listen. If you need to view the musical score, you should either download and print it, or use a third device to view it.


-- While we would prefer for you to submit a video recording, if you are more comfortable submitting an audio track instead, we can include that in the virtual choir.

-- Do not record with the accompaniment track audible; your video recording should be only of your own voice without accompaniment. You may want to practice with the accompaniment track before recording.

-- During the introduction you will hear a count of "1, 2, 3, 4" and then a clap.  When you record, please clap exactly at the same time as the clap in the introduction so we can use that as a reference point when editing.

-- Sing the melody for all four verses.  If you're a choral singer and would like to sing harmony, you can do so for only verses 2 and 3.

-- Once you've recorded your video and you are happy with it, make sure you have saved it.  Then click on the link below to upload your video to DropBox.

-- Videos are due on Sunday March 28, Palm Sunday.  Anything received after that date may not be included.  Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance:

Click here for the sheet music

Click here for the words only

Click here for the accompaniment track

Click here to upload your video

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