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Virtual Carol for Children's Christmas Pageant

"Go Tell it on the Mountain"

Children participating in the Christmas Pageant are encouraged to sing in the virtual "Go Tell it On The Mountain" Christmas carol to be included at the end of the pageant presentation.

Directions for recording your video are below; please read them carefully! 

All video recordings need to be submitted by Monday, December 21st in order to be included.  

Please contact Anthony Rafaniello at or Kate DiFonzo at

if you have any questions.

Directions for Recording

-- Set up in a quiet spot with good lighting so you can be heard and seen.

-- You need to use two devices to record: one so that you can watch and listen to the demonstration video with headphones, and one so you can record yourself with video as you listen. 

-- While you record you need to listen and sing along with the demonstration video, but do not record with the demonstration video audible; your video recording should be only of your own voice without accompaniment. You may want to practice a few times with the video before you record.

-- Make sure you sing strongly and clap at the appropriate spots in the video.  This will help in editing all the videos together.

-- Once you've recorded your video and you are happy with it, make sure you have saved it.  Then fill out the Google Form below. Once you submit the form, you will receive a link to upload your video recording to Dropbox. Follow those instructions, and then you're done!

-- Videos are due on Friday, December 21st. Anything received after that date may not be included.  Please reach out if you have any questions or need assistance:

Click here for the demonstration video

Click here for a word sheet

Click here for the Google Form to upload your video

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