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Women's Bible Study

Come and experience friendship with God and one another

We are now on Trinity’s ZOOM platform each Thursday morning, 10 to 11:30 AM.  Our sessions are a combination of catching up with our lives and prayer:  praise and thanksgiving, with participants bringing their concerns to the group, and blessings for the meeting.  The Bible Study will be a continuation of the scripture of the Acts of the Apostles and the early spread of Christianity.


As your schedules permit, feel free to join Diane Baldwin, Mary Cheress, Eleanor Doherty, Mary Ellinger, Mary Ann Friscia, Vicki Goralski, Brenda Jemal, Lynn Kiamie-Bianchini, Susan Olszewski, Ruth Uhde, and Nancy Miller.  And, thanks to ZOOM, we are now joined by Arlene Fricke, Marion Nechuta, and Susan Nelson.

Contact Nancy Miller 908-276-2211

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